• Dragana Petrović Institute of Comparative Law, Belgrade


This part of the text will be finished with the following commentary: in the background of this phenomenon i.e. under its “surface” and in opposition to it, are hidden stormy social and political currents, drastic turning points in them, different traditions, religious reasons, different cultures,...Those who undertake terrorist acts tend to shape the world in their own mold, to overstep the existing system, they want to change the “code of history”. They do not have fixed limits in violence. Above all, they do not have limits in killing innocent people. Killing of the innocent is an important dimension of their distorted being. It is only a normal form of life for them. Unfortunately, by mutual stimulation of the unimagined technical development and progress of civilization, and by its mutual elimination at the same time, in a wide range of its rises and falls, this utterly deviant form of human behaviour, with all its features, undergoes a true explosion. Truly, it is hard to measure the real dimension of this problem.

However, one fact dominates all others as an inevitable conclusion: Terrorism is, as we have already pointed out, a phenomenon which affects all countries in the world. Because of that, they must realize that the fight against terrorism is their mutual priority. The process of stabilization and coordination can defeat the greatest evil of modern age. In fact, the development of an all-encompassing antiterrorist strategy, with maximum effort on national level (by supporting this objective by legislative framework in accordance with international standards) can produce tangible results. After all, in the last few years, the international community moves in that direction.

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